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26C3 conlanging talk feedback

See also the CCC wiki page for the language we made during the talk.


Category Rating Total votes
Participant knowledge -20.0 34
Topic importance 20.0 35
Content quality 80.0 33
Presentation quality 80.0 33
Audience involvement 100.0 32

amazing talk, structure, preparation and content great an example of how one should give a presentation :)
A bit more knowledge content would be appreciated
Absolutely fun, more stuff like that please
Interesting and much fun, greatest audience participation.
Great talk! You definitely have to invite this guy again next year!
Great! Can you publish the Pi-Lang document, the document we made during the talk? Thanks
Learned so much about linguistics while having gigantic amounts of fun. Yay!
Very interactive, very fun !
Interesting subject, Sai has a huge knowledge about it (you felt that) and he presented excellently.
Was interesting.
Nice thing, but it couldn’t go into deep detail sadly. The workshop afterwards was just boring (well, with some interesting things).
Great! Pls do something about languages next year again!
WHOA. Great talk, awesome presentation skills. One could really see, how you're into this stuff. My second fav talk this year.
Stumbled into this talk by accident and was more than positively surprised. A very engaging talk that covered a huge amount of content about languages and language creation playfully. Took me a few minutes to realize afterwards how that seemingly nonsense language creation game taught me that much. I tip my hat to you speaker, you rule! (And a lot of the other more technical speakers would gain volumes from learning how to do a good talk from you - maybe that could be the topic of your 27c3 talk? ;))
Enjoyed this very much. Excellent Speaker!
Excellent talk, outstanding speaker! It was by far the best English-language presentation of the Congress.
Lots of fun. The presenter could have anticipated that this crowd was always going to go for the most absurd/far out. Could have forced creating an "easier" language therefore at a few points.


What have you watched?

Language Creation Conference 2 10%
26C3 talk 20 100%
26C3 workshop 3 15%

Did you read the paper in the proceedings?

Yes, before seeing the talk 3 15%
Yes, after seeing the talk 4 20%
Not yet! 13 65%

How good were the following for the TALK?

[Note: for first 13 responses, ratings of 'not good' and 'good' (i.e. the two inbetween ones) got dropped. Evidently google spreadsheet only goes by labels, not by values. Fail. :(]

Speed / pacing

Good 6 35%
Rocked! 11 65%
Good or Not good 3


Meh 2 13%
Good 4 25%
Rocked! 10 63%
Good or Not good 4


Not good 1 7%
Meh 3 21%
Good 5 36%
Rocked! 5 36%
Good or Not good 6

Audience participation

Good 4 24%
Rocked! 13 76%
Good or Not good 3

Overall interestingness

Good 1 5%
Rocked! 18 95%
Good or Not good 1


very good talk, saw it via live video stream

I liked the way of giving a lecture

Great talk! Especially in this relatively short time... What I am interested in is a general format for (con)langs, so that machine-translations with simple plugin-mechanisms and automated analyses would be possible. Lojban (or similar languages [we need to address pronunciation]) could probably be a good interchange format, so "conlangers" could provide some sort of translation table for their language in Lojban and share these with the community and translation system. This might even help to make such tables for existing languages and improve /useful/ ;-) translation services.
Oh, and kudos for using a CC license!

Thanks for doing the talk!

Talk was great and intriguing. I'm really up to learn more about conlanguage.

You seem to be awesome. One of the best talks.

Very cool! Pls come back next year.

I really enjoyed your talk. I am actually thinking of trying it out myself if I find the time.
I would have liked to see/hear some examples from the Klingon or Tolkiens Elven language, but your presentation was totally awesome anyway!


[Retweets not included; newly found stuff at end; edited as I find more.]

banjaloupe @evndahm conlang-related info courtesy of searching , you should subscribe! :D
Faldrian Gibts Berichte, wie der #conlang workshop so lief? Konnte leider nicht da sein... #26c3
martinhaase Day 2 of #26c3 was great too. Esp. the #conlang lecture.
splitbrain @ChuckSmith Esperanto was only mentioned once this was more about how to build your own #conlang
flokra Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsübertragungsgesetz - if you haven't been there, watch the conlang talk. interesting+funny #26c3
markusedgar Interesting book recommendation by Emrys: Women, Fire and Dangerous Things by George Lakoff #26c3 #conlang
splitbrain @thesocialarchive the one we (the audience) just made up during the talk #conlang #26c3
markusedgar #26c3 Wondering how much of a #conlang language u can create during a weekend...
kafkaspice Great workshop on hacking linguistics. Now I've satisfied my calcium cravings and is prepared for: #26c3 #pregnancy
kafkaspice The talk on creating your own language is lot's of fun! #26c3
Wheerd Der conlang Vortrag ist ziemlich cool und unterhaltsam #26c3
_rami_ CONLANG-Vortrag ist klasse #26c3
martinhaase #conlang talk is funny.
splitbrain code=piti hacker=pitiki fix=pitikia #conlang #26c3
der_ak sehr viel spass beim conlang-vortrag #26c3
MrStolperstein @martinhaase: Say "spit"! Der #conlang Vortrag ist wirklich interessant auch (oder gerade) für Nicht-Linguisten. Bin positiv überrascht.
splitbrain the #conlang talk is fun #26c3
yarnivore So much coolness! "Non-linear writing systems"; "gripping languages" (oh, fail, that wouldn't work for me); #conlang #26c3
markusedgar Ever wanted to make your own #language? Sai Emrys of tells us how. Check #26c3 #making
martinhaase Now #conlang talk in Saal 2. I'm excited, got à seat in the front row :-) #26c3
DreamFlasher Jetzt conlang, wie wir unsere eigenen sprachen basteln können #26c3

splitbrain having fun making up our own weird, reversed negative, minimal voiced consonant, agglutinative language #26c3
splitbrain word of the day: rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsübertragungsgesetz #26c3
splitbrain the #conlang talk is fun #26c3
satiredun The audience is having a blast with Sai's linguistics talk- creating ou own language right here, right now. #26c3
markusedgar #26c3 Wondering how much of a #conlang language u can create during a weekend...
markusedgar Ever created a silent language to communicate with friends or coworkers in critcal situations without others noticing?
markusedgar Examples go like Quenya, Esperanto, Lojban, a new gripping #language, non-linear-writing systems... But now we are making our own #26c3
yarnivore Yay! @noisebridge in da Haus! My engel duties were taken over by @aestetix; Sai Emrys is talking about conlanging to a *packed* room. #26c3
satiredun Watching Sai Emry's talk on ConLanguage. #26c3
markusedgar Ever wanted to make your own #language? Sai Emrys of tells us how. Check #26c3 #making
splitbrain Fuck went to the wrong room by accident. Well, now I'm going to learn about language construction #26c3

GegenSatz Noch den Schluß gehört von Conlanging 101: I make languages (and you can too) #26C3 klang sehr interessant
der_ak das publikum konstruiert eine sprache: code = piti, hacker = pitiki, to fix = pitikia. lulz ensued. #26c3
der_ak sehr viel spass beim conlang-vortrag #26c3
kafkaspice The talk on creating your own language is lot's of fun! #26c3
kafkaspice Hängt med folk från hack spaces runt om i Norden. Nu lär jag mig hur man skapar språk. #26c3
joan_psmith Today 18:30: talk about Conlanging at the #26c3 I hope streaming will work.
outist Pls stream this event or make it downloadable: Make artificial languages for beginners #26c3 (read the amazing paper)

sofias started the !conlang group as a result of the conlang-workshop on !26c3 . !linguists
#saal2: can you imagine how much fun it was to design _you'r_ first language ;D !
oh #engelang is the thing i'm so excited of, nice to know how it is called :D #26c3
conlangs ftw! #26c3

old_nobody Mein "Conlanging 101"-Fazit: Eine eigene Sprache zu entwerfen ist sehr komplex, aber auch sehr lustig. #26c3

honuk #26C3 conlanging: crafting your own artlang - great #fun and lots of #laughter

dridde Unsere Sprache nimmt gestallt an... bald können wir "Hallo Welt" sagen. Oder es zumindest versuchen. #26c3 #conlanging

DreamFlasher Wir bauen gerade unsre eigene sprache: weird, negotions are reversed, minimzd voiced cons, unnacharmbare laute, das wird spaßig #26c3


Geek Imparts Experiences: "I just can say amazing, this guy invents a language in 30 minutes, a must see, you wont be disappointed."

Nethemba: "Sai Emrys mal veľmi živú prednášku o tvorbe jazykov. Bola spojená s workshopom, ľudia mali možnosť hlasovať za jednotlivé fonémy a písmená, tvorbu fonologických pravidiel a na ich základe definovať jazyk, v ktorom Sai s pomocou poslucháčov vytvoril niekoľko základnych slov alebo viet." (translated from Slovak: Sai Emrys had a very lively presentation about the creation of language. Was associated with the workshop, people had the opportunity to vote for individual phonemes and letters, making phonological rules and use them to define the language in which Sai with the help of students to develop some basic words or phrases.)

Gripping language

speckley @evndahm The smallest twitch is an entire sentence. XD
banjaloupe @evndahm and in case you still need more info re:gripping language,
banjaloupe @evndahm conlang-related info courtesy of searching , you should subscribe! :D
banjaloupe @evndahm also gripping language is pretty great
banjaloupe @evndahm heres something related: , it also mentions a signed esperanto called signuno?
evndahm @redjives not a language by definition saying symbols must be arbitrary- symbols point straight to signified, not arbitrary like words.
evndahm @speckley been thinking about that; would be very interesting if our whole linguistic system was manual: symbols abstracted far beyond ASL
speckley @evndahm What if you used a sign language that doesn't use the hands (or equivalent of hands)?
evndahm @redjives yes! Silbo is a whistled simplified Spanish from the canary isles. also, is a writ-only lang possible w/out verbal basis?
semaphore and sign languages count, yeah-- I guess I am thinking more of creative efforts that aren't used in Reality?
evndahm has anyone ever heard of a nonverbal constructed language? #questionsfornerds


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